Mobility as a Service

Research Project 2 - graded Passed - B2.2 - ID@TU/e

Competency Development

During this research project I focused on developing the following competencies; Math, Data and Computing and User and Society, next to the other competencies prescribed by the faculty of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.


Math, Data and Computing

This project focused on connectivity and change from ownership to shared use. During the project, appropriate methods and tools were used to conduct and evolve our research. The tools used were a web questionnaire and a designed research game. From this I first of all learned that the threshold for obtaining more thorough data is lowered when using such a tool. Secondly, this tool increased my motivation to conduct the research, as it inserted a fun-factor. With the help of scientific staff, I managed to learn how to prepare data for analysis and how to interpret the results.


User and Society

Before the start of this project I had worked with different user groups such as children (Design Project  Snoes) and elderly (Marketing design project) in order to get insights from different perspectives. During this research project we investigated the personal choices of another user group, namely the professional commuter. To integrate knowledge from the expertise areas of user and society and math data and computing directly into the project, I was able to create a better understanding of the decisions made by this certain user group in their choice of travel mode.


Business and Entrepreneurship

Additionally, when looking at the business and entrepreneurship competency, we managed to formulate recommendations. Recommendations in the form of patterns and clusters of participants, that might form a valuable source of information for companies such as Connexxion and Arriva.


Professional Skills Development

Furthermore, going through a design research process using a research prop in order to obtain data was a pleasant way to work, both for me and the participants. The teamwork and communication professional skill was stabilized as I worked in a group of friends, one of which I professionally worked with in an earlier project. Self-directed and continuous learning was part of our research as, in my best understanding, this is an evolving skill throughout the whole project. Being able to step outside of one’s comfort zone to for example recruit participants is part of this method. To conclude, I created insights on how a certain user group, being commuters, behaves and how to analyze the decisions they make. Worked with scientific information to create tangible information for businesses. Additionally, developed my professional attitude and satisfied my vision on future mobility, being personally designed transportation system based on the individual.


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