Final Bachelor Project - grade t.b.d. - B3.2 - ID@TU/e

Competency Development

During the Final Bachelor Project (FBP) I focused on developing the following competencies; Technology and Realization and Creativity and Aesthetics, next to the other competencies prescribed by the faculty of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology.


Creativity and Aesthetics

With my design I want to propose a new way of thinking about personal planning in office environments. Management is normally based on time, which is sometimes very impersonal. To make management more personal and in order to develop awareness on one's management, I created a tool for personal energy management.  Tasks are going to be planned based on personal energy levels throughout the day. This ensures that every task one does, will be fitted with the correct level of energy. In this way, I want to break free from the world as we know it, and with this change perspectives on personal management. During this project I made use of physical and interactive materiality in the form of the prototypes of MyCurrent, which can be seen in the report below. In the context of work-environments, I have maintained a critical attitude towards the aesthetics of the product, which fits neatly on a user's desk. The use of water was inspired by the result of user tests and by French artist and designer Mathieu Lehanneur, who integrates air, water, sound and light as poetic-communicative components in his designs.


Technology and Realization

The design of the interactive system is integrated with electronics containing sensors and an actuator. With this integration of technology, data can be obtained in future research. The development of the electronics and the coding of the algorithm was done with the help from different disciplines. This enabled me to learn about scientific language and how to balance this so everybody understands the script, which increases scientific value.


Professional Skills Development

This project has enabled me to apply the knowledge and skills I attained during the B3.1 External Learning Activity. The communication competency was one of the mayor learning aspects during this activity. During my FBP I spoke to experts in the field and used my network for assistance in the process. For example, I have had assistance in producing the final prototype and electronics by professionals in my network. Additionally, I applied my planning skills to create a clear insight on the time and energy needed for certain tasks in the process. This made it easier for me to achieve certain milestones in my project such as the creation of prototypes or an exploded view render. Furthermore, I worked in close collaboration with Timo Smeding, in order to assist each other in the process of our related projects. Timo and I did several productivity tests, such as working in timed periods or standing while working, throughout the project and reflected on these verbally. We criticized each other's projects and gave feedback on results and progress. Additionally, we provided each other with a partner to brainstorm and with a network of professionals. For example, Timo reminded me to put my energy into creating one tool instead of multiple tools.


Design Vision and Professional Identity

This project has opened my eyes even more on the opportunities within the working environment. To create an environment where people love to spend their energy so that they can flourish professionally. The FBP has thus prepared me more for professional work as a designer in the office context. This project augmented my vision on creating personal products in the office work environment.



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