My Future

3 year plan - language - Design Masters

This is where the magic is going to happen, the future. During my Final Bachelor Project I made an abstract 3-year plan that creates an overview of the activities I plan on doing in the next three years. Starting with full-time work as a product developer at Royal Ahrend Sint-Oedenrode for one year. I chose this over a Master's study immediately after my Bachelor, because I want to get more working experience. Additionally, Royal Ahrend assists me in my plan for the future, for which I am very grateful, and therefore creates the opportunity for me to develop and evolve myself within the context of working experience. Additionally, I will follow a Chinese Language and Culture course next to the job, as preparation for the upcoming two years.


The Master that I plan on following after the year of work can be the Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology at Donghua University, Shanghai, China. This Master study suits my interest because I think it will create a great combination with the Industrial Design Bachelor. Applied computer science in design can lead to promising opportunities within the spectrum of my interest. During this Master I plan to start a project at Royal Ahrend APAC in order to apply the gained knowledge during the Master's education.




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