Engineering Design

Basic course - graded 8/10 - B2.1 - ID@TU/e

The basic course of Engineering design was all about multi-disciplinary work. Working together with people from different faculties, creating one team that works on a Search and Rescue ROD. This remotely operated device was to be designed within a budged of €70,- and a time limit of 8 weeks, completely from scratch. The robot needed to be operated from a distance without seeing it. Furthermore, the robot needs to be able to grab victims and bring them to a safe-zone safely.


Engineering Design was constituted of group meetings on a weekly basis in which we discussed the developments throughout that week and the plans. Additionally, we presented the preliminary design halfway during the course as a mid-term presentation. To conclude, the robot was put to the test in a designed landscape. Unfortunately, with a lack of budget resulting in the use of weak servos, our robot couldn't handle it's own weight and could therefore not participate in the test.


For the design we chose to go with an alternative way of movement. Being able to learn from the nature around you is what has greatly inspired me to use a mechanism that resembles a spider or crab movement. With this we ought to go for stability and maneuverability, being able to move each and every leg individually. The robot ran on 8 batteries. The materials used for the rod include lasercutted wood and perspex. For more detailed information, feel free to open the link below.


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