Design Innovation Methods- grade 9/10 - B3.2 - ID@TU/e

Competency Development

This design project was brought into existence using a for me new design method. Based on the design guidelines provided by the book "Vision in Design" (Hekkert & Van Dijk, 2011), a user centered design was created. The main learning goals for this course were focused on my professional skills: Communication, Planning and Organization and Collaboration. Additionally, a highly iterative design process was used, as can be viewed in the final literary report in the link below.


During this ViP project, tasks were performed both in group and individual form. Each step in the process was discussed with the whole team during the two weekly meetings. The results from these meetings were then translated towards a report format. The parts of the report that had to be written were divided among the group members. To make sure that all group members were on the same wavelength regarding the created vision and made decisions, all individually performed tasks were revised and discussed by the other group members before moving on to the next step of the process.


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