Creative Electronics

Basic course - graded 9/10 - B2.1 - ID@TU/e

Creative Electronics introduces the basics of electrical engineering, electronics, sensors, actuators and Arduino. Besides that, it enabled me to develop practical skills as for designing, building and testing design prototypes integrated with electronics, sensors, actuators, Arduino and communication by working on several practical assignments and a self-defined final project (which can be seen above)


Creative Electronics belongs to the competency area Technology Realization (being able to explore, prototype, create, and demonstrate innovative concepts and experiences using technology, as well as analyzing the technical and economic feasibility of complex designs in which technology is integrated. Moreover, one needs to understand scientific technical diagrams and to be able to communicate with engineers and researchers of other disciplines.)


For the self-defined final project I worked together with Timo Smeding. We developed a 'Tablet Learning Arm' that has a two-arm robotic device which allows the user to program and set the movements of a touch pen on a tablet. It works by recording the set positions in an array and when the users hits the button up in the right corner, the touch pen moves in the programmed motion. The system works on three sensors being standard potentiometers and three actuators being servo motors. The base is made out of foam core.


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