Aesthetics of Interaction

Multidisciplinary Basic course - graded 7/10 - B2.2 - ID@TU/e

This course, 'Aesthetics of Interaction' aims for an awareness and understanding of the factors that influence the intuitiveness and aesthetics of product interaction. Through a series of theoretical lectures, practical design explorations and discussions students learn to understand and explore the interplay between man's bodily skills and the physical expressiveness of real objects. Theoretical concepts of inherent, augmented and functional feedback and feed forward are explained in an interaction framework that can be used to analyze and improve interaction design. This knowledge is applied in a design case that needs to be conceptually explored and presented in physical prototype and a video.


Traditionally in product design, aesthetics related to the appearance of the product. Products were designed to look beautiful. Now those products have become interactive, aesthetics of appearance should be combined with aesthetics of interaction. At the same time we want interactive products to be intuitive to use. This course focuses on how to design for these issues of aesthetics and intuitiveness of interaction.


During this multidisciplinary course I learned what the essence of interaction is. In my opinion this is to design for the least amount of brain steps a users had to take during an interaction with a product, making it highly intuitive. Overall, I got more acquainted with the subject material after going through the theoretical part of the course.


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