Who am I and what am I about?

I am Pim Smit,

Born on the 31st of July 1997 in Sint-Oedenrode, The Netherlands. I am a modern urban arts enthusiast and I enjoy social activities. My personality is portrayed as an outgoing thinker who loves to interact with other people but also likes to have his own personal moments.


I like to think about basal topics and situations that are present in everyday life. I get inspired by artists and designers that have their own explicit style, such as Matthieu Lehanneur and Pablo Lucker. What also inspires me is people with a clear goal and vision.


Passionate I am about expressing one’s opinion and thoughts through the means of art and design. Perfectionism is not what I am coping with in a negative sense, however I love perfectionism in e.g. sketching or product designs, I think this adds the refined details that create the extra touch that I enjoy.

Traveling, camping and outdoor sports are things I love to do, it gets me to new experiences and refuels me with a lot of creativity.


In traveling I experience a lot of anticipatory pleasure, as I love to plan journeys and trips ahead. In a working environment I appreciate structure and variety of work, teamwork and dedication. In a social environment I enjoy great experiences and good food. I like to spend my time creating visual design or prototypes, doing small projects, being with friends and traveling.


I chose this study because it gives me the chance to create my own path. The diversity within the study is something I appreciate. Through design I can express myself and get the best out of myself. What I like about design is that it is a free working space that pulls the creativity out of me.



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